Sunday, April 28, 2013


The past three weeks my home has had its major changes. My roommate Erin moving out, which given the circumstances was welcomed by all. My parents moving in, which has caused changes in the family dynamic as well as me giving up the Master Bedroom for the next 6 months. New carpet throughout the house. New ceramic tile flooring in the dining room, entry and kitchen. Refaced cabinets that made this house smell like solvent for the past few days, my front door restored from dog damage and finally new furniture for the living room and dining room. When it's finally finished with the counters and sink, this place will look nothing like it did before.

What I've learned in the past few weeks is that given the economy, haggling has never been so easy and everyone is offering a better deal than the previous guy. This has made the remodel reach it's completion sooner and under budget.

And for the first time, my place feels like home. It has been given its own personal touch of beauty far from the as is look of when we first bought it. And in addition, its managed to wash away some of the memories of the past 4 years. Gone are the damaged doors and baseboards from my former roommate's evil Chihuahua, my former lover's first dog and my dog's mischief. Gone is the line on my wall from a chinchilla cage placed there during a long Holiday season. Gone now is the ugly green leather sofas we'd waste the day or have discussions on. Gone is the old fence where my roommate's now deceased tweeker boyfriend broke a panel in a fit of anger. Gone is the carpet that I would have to constantly clean after bouts of my aunt's incontinence and finally, gone is the bed that is filled with as too many memories and regrets that only seedy motels see.

My life has taken on many personal changes these past few months. It's about time that my home reflect those changes and let go of the past. On to new beginnings.

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