Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dream a Little Dream . . . . Of Horror

If Dreams are a way of your subconscious telling you what’s going on in your mind, I’m really loosing it.

Two dreams last night I can still remember. The first one has me stealing the Ajanti Dagger and then trying to fight Sardo Numspa both in human and demon form (Kudos to the readers out there who recognize this 80’s movie reference). It got very frightening when he landed in my pool, creating a cloud of steam, giving him stealth for that dramatic effect. In the end, my dear sweet brother Numsy got what was coming to him and I woke up.

You’d think after that my mind would cut me some slack and give me a dream where I was on a date with Hope Solo. But sadly this was not to be. Sorry Hope, I had a fantastic night planned for us but my subconscious cock-blocked me.

So instead of the Hope Solo dream, I found myself trying to escape a city while being attacked by the local military. I wandered through city blocks looking for a place to hide as random soldiers tried to shoot me. This alone was terrifying but what was on my mind at the time was getting away from the impending bombing raid on the city. I finally found a good, safe hiding place that kept me covered from the soldiers and would protect me from conventional bombing.

This is simple right? Can I get one good break in these dreams?

“No!” said my subconscious.

Turns out that conventional bombing was a tactical nuclear weapon that would kill me no matter where I hid. On a plus side, I saw a fantastic light show above me before the blast vaporized me.

Now I’m awake. And now I am not going back to sleep. It’s time to start my day out right and give me a clearer head for tomorrow night’s round of dreams.

So Goodbye Sardo Numspa, goodbye soldiers and goodbye fifty megaton yield nuclear blast. Hello new morning let’s have a good day.

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